We build Custom seats, modify seats to fit your needs, do gel installations for comfortable rides and create covers to express your personality or bike theme.

Testimonial From Bill

Shadow new seat 1CJ,

Here are a few pictures after installing the new seat.  The added material to the back/bottom of the seat was perfect, there is no gap now and the seat rest gently on the fender.  The fringe and spots are exactly what was needed to complete the look.

Thanks again,





Testimonial from Terri

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for my new pillion seat. We rode to Daytona for Biketoberfest and it made the ride so more enjoyable.

It looks great and my butt is happy!

Thank you

Carol Hunt – CJ Seats


As much as I ride, I want to be comfortable. There were times in my riding life that I would have the “stock seat from Hell.” You know the seats I’m talking about; the stock seat that comes with your bike. These horrible seats would make your butt goes numb, and at times, pain would radiate down your leg. You would be one miserable, unhappy person on your trip.

There are lots of seat manufacturers out there that will take your money and promise you the sun and the moon if you buy one of their seats. Thankfully, I have met a person that knows what is involved in getting YOU the comfortable seat you deserve; not one made from the proverbial cookie cutter manufacturing companies.


Make Your Butt Smile by CJ Seats