About CJ Seats


As motorcycle riders we have always had a group of friends to ride with, mostly on weekends and vacations. In 2001 our friend Mike came to our house with a new idea for making his ride more comfortable. A gel pad! One which was placed on top of his seat, one which was constantly sliding and had to be removed and taken with him when he left his bike. He vowed to find a way to put “this thing” under the seat cover so he would not have to worry with it. CJ suggested she might be able to help since she had experience in upholstery. It worked. At the end of their next ride together, this friend got off his bike bragging about how his butt did not hurt. So one by one the other riders took turns sitting on the gel seat and asking Mike if he would do their motorcycle seat and he continued to reply, “no, but CJ will.” So it began, and one year later CJ quit her J O B, purchased a trailer and started doing motorcycle events and CJ Seats was alive and making butts smile in Florida.

CJ Seats is truly a made-in-the-USA company.