Meet Carol Hunt – Owner of CJ Motorcycle Seats


September 12th, 2017

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As much and as far as I ride, I want to be comfortable.  There were times in my riding life that I would have the “stock motorcycle seat from hell.”  You know the seats I’m talking about.  The stock seat from the motorcycle manufacturer that looks good but the foam breaks down quickly, your butt goes numb when riding and at times, pain would radiate down your leg.  You would be one miserable, unhappy biker on your trip.

There are many motorcycle seat manufacturers that will take your money and promise you the sun and moon.  Thankfully, I have met a person that knows what is involved in modifying your motorcycle seat to provide you the comfort you deserve; not a seat made from the proverbial cookie cutter manufacturing companies – that person is Carol from CJ Seats.

Carol starts by interviewing and measuring up her customers. She wants to be positively accurate about achieving their desired results. The seats are custom and built just for the person riding the motorcycle.  It’s a custom business.  Carol explains “it’s like going to a dressmaker.  The dressmaker makes the dress to fit you and only you.  Fabrics, trim and glitter etc. it’s all about expressing your personality.”  “I take it a step further and make it about riding your motorcycle with comfort”.  The seat is built for the person riding the motorcycle and no one else.  “Bring me your seat and let me make your butt smile!”

Carol Hunt, also known as CJ, is a soft-spoken woman with the knowledge to rebuild your seat specifically for your butt and no one else‘s. She is passionate about her craft and is a fellow motorcyclist too. “I’ve ridden for years with my husband as a passenger on his motorcycle. After a day of riding behind him and banging my head against his head and constantly looking over his shoulder, I decided it was time for me to get my own bike. I know how to drive a car, I know how to shift gears, I know how to ride a bicycle, and I’ve even ridden horses in competition, so I knew I could certainly ride a motorcycle! This was on a Saturday. Two days later on a Monday, I called up and made a reservation to take the motorcycle riders course. That started it. That was my birthday present to me on my 59th birthday.”

I was interested to hear more about this intriguing seat business. When I asked CJ to share more with me about her successful seat business, she laughed and said, “That happened as an accident. Not long after I started riding, a friend of mine, Mike, had one of those thrown-on gel inserts on top of his stock seat. He was comfortable riding but once he stopped, the gel insert moved around. I looked at this and knew that I could probably do something to help him, since I had been in the upholstery business for many years. We spent all day working on that seat! Pulling the foam out of the seat was hilarious. We had foam in our ears, in our hair, and in our eyes. We finally figured out a way to put the gel into the foam.

We went on a really long ride the next day and Mike said how his butt didn’t hurt. He was bragging about his new seat to everyone. Our friends asked how they could get a seat like his and he just pointed to me and told them that I could do that for them. That’s how it started.”

CJ’s process is a secret and one that she doesn’t share with anyone, other than there is a special gel that is being made just for her and her business. If a customer asks to have the seat changed to make them higher or lower, CJ can make that happen as well.

Pricing depends on the gels and the build-up. The seats are built just for the person riding the bike. It’s a custom business. She gave me a great example of this: “It’s like going to a dressmaker. The dressmaker makes the dress to fit you and only you. Fabrics, trim, and glitter, etc. She may also use some distinguishing add-on specific to your personality. That’s how I do my motorcycle seats. The seat is built for the person riding the motorcycle and no one else. “Bring me your seat and let me make your butt smile!”

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